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There are daily flights to and from Sfakia, Loutro, Glyka Nera. We also serve the world and after the closure of the line.

Route Departure Time
Sfakia - Sweets Waters 10:15
Sweets Waters - Loutro 10:30
Loutro- Sweets Waters 11:00
Sfakia - Sweets Waters - Loutroκαι επιστροφή * 14:45
Sfakia - Sweets Waters 16:45
Sweets Waters - Loutro 17:00
Loutro- Sweets Waters 17:10
Sweets Waters - Sfakia  17:30

 This route is only valid for July


After closing the line is portability with Sea TAXI.

Our TAXIES: Delfini, Sfakia Express, Loutro Express

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